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Integrity based addiction recovery just works better. When addicts or people who need help with addiction related behavior get into trouble, it requires a support network to help them out.

Monitoring behavior becomes the only thing that matters because it’s the only thing that works. Community groups, like 12 steps groups, work with how users think and feel. But what they do is all that we can judge them on.

Progress Report is designed by an additional recovery MD who understands addiction. If we want people to recovery, we must give them the right tools for the job. Allowing users to celebrate success along the way, show others that their behavior is on the up and up, is a key step to increasing success in the recovery rates.

We know that users that make meetings make it in the recovery. We offer a tool that enables an integrity based approach to meeting compliance, removing friction, fraud, and increasing the likelihood that users will receive a positive and impactful recovery message that guides them back to being the role models that we need.

Our Vision

One of the things that makes addiction recovery so difficult is so much of it is done alone. Inside your head. Where no one sees the intensity of it -- your resistance, your struggle, your constant decisions, and your small, everyday successes. Our app was designed to bring that internal world out into the open, where it can be shared, seen, and recognized. Progress Tracker relieves you of some of the day-to-day work of recovery -- it signs you into meetings, it helps track your good behaviors, and more -- but its real purpose is to let you share the integrity you bring to your recovery every single day. Progress Report is about making your work transparent to those that care. Let people share your journey. With Progress Report.

We believe strongly that addiction recovery must be based in integrity. Recovery is a constant challenge, for everyone. Living in integrity is hard. And oftentimes, being accountable to a caring community and strong support network is the only thing that keeps people clean.

At its core, Product Report is an integrity-enhancement app. It’s an easy way to monitor recovery-positive behaviors, and instantly see the red flags of recovery-negative behaviors. If you go to meetings, Progress Report says you are going to meetings, and lets your concerned community know. If you are not, it says you are not.

If we want people to recover, we must give them the right tools to recover. Celebrate your successes, show others your behavior is on the up and up. We know that people who make meetings progress in their recovery. PR documents meeting compliance, removes the unreliable process of documenting your meeting attendance with paper, and increases the likelihood of a positive recovery outcome.

We are here to help guide you back to being the person you want to be.

Our Mission

  1. 1. We want every person in recovery to use Progress Report.
  2. 2. We want Progress Report on every phone of every person in recovery.
  3. 3. We want courts to rely on this because they know it works and they can trust it.
  4. 4. We want sober house administrators to use this because it makes their work easier and faster and their lives better.
  5. 5. We want to do our part in making addiction recovery a better process and we do that with technology.

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Progress Report is designed for one purpose — to help sober homes succeed in addiction recovery.

We offer a growing menu of features to help those in addiction recovery avoid common pitfalls which complicate progress.





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