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Our app makes meetings work for everyone.

There are many different theories about effective treatments, but everyone agrees that meetings are one of the most powerful tools we have. We design technology to make meeting attendance easier - easier to track, easier to report, easier to prove.


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Recovery is hard.

We’re here to make the logistics of it easier.

Track what you do. Automatically send reports to courts and loved ones. Easily keep exact records. Put your energy into your recovery, not the logistics of your recovery


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Sober House

Drug Court

Lawyer / Legal House


GPS Tracking

GPS data is stored from the phone location during the checkin process.


Notifications of Upcoming Meetings

Email/SMS notification of upcoming meetings.


Photo Evidence of Attendance

Making sober relationships helps strengthen recovery choices.


Monthly Reports

Reports are automatically populated in a dashboard.

Progress Report

Progress Report is designed to remove barriers to attending meetings.

With Progress Report you will never again :


Lose proof of attendance sheets (No Paper Records Needed)

list 2

Have to Tell Loved Ones What You Do (Reports are Sent Direct to Them)

list 3

Be Able to &quot Fake &quot Your Attendance (Our GPS Trackers Document the Truth)

list 3

Lose Track of What You've Accomplished (Meetings)

Make Real Progress with Progress Report.

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Who are our typical clients?



Owns a sober house and outpatient treatment center, uses our software to easily ensure residents are attending 4 meetings a week.

Progress Report saves him 4 hours a week, decreases bed turnover, and helps stabalize the house.



As a Drug Court Coordinator, Bryan saves significant resources and time because he no longer has to count and validate paper sign in sheets.

When clients miss meetings he is notified so that he knows who needs immediate attention.



Megan is in recovery and uses Progress Report to notify her friends and parents that she consistently attends meetings and is on time. This allows her to activate her community and support because they can trust that she’s doing the work.

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Progress Report is designed for one purpose — to help those in addiction recovery succeed in addiction recovery.

We offer a growing menu of features that help those in recovery avoid common pitfalls that show your recovery and complicate your progress.





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