Creating an Administrator Account in Progress Report

Jun 25, 2023

So you're tired of overpriced apps that don't offer the basic services your sober house needs and you've decided to sign up for Progress Report. This article is designed to help the administrator of the sober house organization get up and running in no time.

Progress Report Home Page

Creating an Administrator User Account

First, you will need to click the Login link in the upper-righthand corner of the Progress Report home page or under the hamburger menu on the mobile version of the site. You should see the following page, but because you don't have a login yet, you will need to click the Sign Up! link.

Click Sign Up on the Progress Report Web App Login Page

Once you have selected this option, the Create New Organization interface should appear. See the image below.

Create Organization interface for Progress Report web app

Fill out the form for adding your organization to Progress Report web application

The email address you use will automatically become the Administrative Super User for your organization. This user will have the power to make changes to the structure of the entire organization and add and remove any users, products, calendars and forms. It is important to only allow access to this user's information to trusted users, preferably an administrating owner.

Once the user information and password are created, read the Terms and Conditions of using the services of Progress Report. If you agree to these terms, check the box next to the prompt and click the Sign Up link.

A verification email will be immediately sent to the Administrative Super User's email address. Click the verification link in the email before continuing.

Set Up Organization Account

Once the email address has been verified for the Administrative Super User, you should be taken immediately to the Account Subscription page where you will add the information needed to bill your account after the 30-day free trial of Progress Report expires. The page should look something like this:

Subscription page for Progress Report Organization Account

The Get Started link on the Subscription Page will allow you to set up your organization's account

Click the Get Started link to add credit card and billing address information. Once you have completed the form and submitted it for verification, the Subscription Page should appear like this:

Subscription page after valid billing information has been added to Progress Report account

Updated Subscription Page for Progress Report organization account

If you encounter an error setting up your account, please contact our support team at You should receive a response within 12 hours.

Once your subscription has been set up, you can visit the Dashboard to establish the basic components of your organization:

  • Accepting Credit Cards using a connection to Stripe
  • Creating Locations
  • Adding Members & Staff to Locations
  • Basic Information & Organization Settings
Onboarding for new Progress Report organization

View from a new organization's Progress Report Dashboard

Progress Report Stipe Connection

Create an connection between your Progress Report and your Stripe accounts

Linking to Stripe for Payments

In order to accept credit card and cash app payments, it will be necessary to connect your account to the Stripe service. This service provides discrete credit card payment processing for a small fee. From the Dashboard, you should see a banner at the top of the page with a link to the Stripe account creation page.

Follow the instructions available from Stripe and create your account. Once the account information has been verified by their system, you should be able to receive payments through the Progress Report web site.

Create new locations for your organization

Creating Locations

Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to create one or perhaps several locations before connecting users to your organization. Click the Start here! Set up a New Location link at the bottom of the Dashboard if you have not yet created a singe location for your organization.

Complete the form shown below.

Create new Location in Progress Report web application

Fill out the details of your new location.

Once you have created a location, it will appear on the dashboard. To add new locations now or in the future, visit the Locations menu at the top of the screen and select the Create New button from the Locations main page.

Add Members

After establishing your locations, you will want to add members to your locations. To get started, click the menu link for Members & Staff at the top of the page and select the Add New User button that appears there. This will open the page shown below.

Create new user in Progress Report

Adding a new user to your organization

A user may only be associated with one organization at a time, but invitations from one organization may be sent to a current user of another organization. Simply fill out the form, designate the location to which the user will be associated and the role they will perform. For more information about roles, check out our article about Roles and what they mean.

Enter a generic password for the user. Once the user receives the verification email, they may follow the link to update their password immediately to something more secure which they will choose. They will be prompted to download the app to their smartphone and update their profile with their phone number.

New user password set email for Progress Report organization

Reset password email sent to users assigned to your Progress Report organization

Organization profile for Progress Report

Organization profile for Progress Report

Updating Organization Information

At any point after you have subscribed to Progress Report, you may update your organization's profile to include as much or as little information as necessary to provide. Some organizations may want to keep their organization address private, in which case completing the address information is optional, as is the inclusion of a phone number.

To change the organization email address, contact our support team to request a new email address be used.

What Next?

Now that you have created your organization's account and set up the basic information for each location and its member, you may be wonder what you should do next. Here are our suggested next steps and links to the articles which explain those tasks in detail:

  • Create Billing Products and add them to your members.
  • Add funds to member Wallets
  • Create Reports
  • Create Forms