Creating Products & Invoicing in Progress Report

Jul 5, 2023

Just like all business, sober homes require their customers to pay for their services and goods. These items are known as Products in Progress Report Sober House Management Software.

Products can be one-time or recurring charges for incidentals, such as a bathroom kit with toothpaste and soap, etc., or for recurrent charges, such as room rental fees. To create your first product, simply log into an account which has admin privileges to the Settings page, then click the link to Products on the left menu.

Products Page of Progress Report Web Application

Unless you have previously created a product, your page should look something like the one shown above. Click the New Product button to move to the screen shown below.

New Product Page

New Product Page

Here are the detailed descriptions of each of the fields shown on this page:


This is a text field you may use to give each of your product a distinctive name. There is no character limit on the size on the title.


This is a text field you may use to give each of your product a description for clarification about the product's use. There is no character limit for the length of the description. Once an invoice has been created with a description, the description will appear on the issued invoice as it appeared at the time of invoice creation even if the description of the product is later revised.

Admin comments

These are private comments only admins can see. There is no character limit on the size on the admin comments.

Price ($) [Required]

Price is the only required field to create a product. The price is formatted with numbers and a single decimal point for dollars and cents. There is no need to enter the $ symbol in front of the number.

Allow partial payment

This field allows you to take a partial payment for a room charge. If this box is unchecked, only the full invoice payment amount will be accepted to pay the portion for this product.


This checkbox allows you to create a product with a regular billing cycle. This is particularly useful for weekly and monthly room fees.

  • Billing period sets how frequently the product is billed to the member. The options are weekly, bi-weekly (meaning every two weeks), and monthly.
  • Start billing at subscription start date starts the billing cycle on a regular cycle.
    Monthly defaults to the first of the month if this box is not selected and the invoice is prorated to the number of days from occupancy to the end of the current month. If the checkbox is selected, the full amount is immediately invoiced for the upcoming month and the next invoice will be issued 3 days before the current day on the next month.
    Weekly defaults to the previous Friday if this box is not selected and invoice amount is prorated for the remaining days in the current week through Thursday. If this checkbox is selected, the full amount for a weekly invoice is issued immediately and a new invoices will be issued the day before one week has transpired on the current invoice (for example, the member takes residence on Tuesday, all following invoices will be from Tuesday through Monday and issued on Monday).
    Bi-Weekly defaults to the next billing date started with the first full week in January and is reinvoiced every other week from this point forward. If the box is not selected, a new invoice is issued 13 days after the first invoice and reissued every two weeks from there.

If for some reason you do not wish to have recurring billing, you may create a one-time billable product by deselecting the Recurring checkbox. This will mean you will have to manually invoice the member each time their bill is due.


This checkbox allows you to disable the use of the product until you wish to modify or use it again.

An example of a completed product appears below. This product is now available to add to a member as a subscription.

Weekly Product Example

Adding a Subscription Product to a Member

To start a subscription for a member with the product you have created, simply open the user page by going to Members & Staff in the top menu and selecting the member you for which you wish to start a subscription.

Member Selection Screen

If the user does not already have a subscription, the Assign subscription button will be available in the upper-righthand corner of the Subscription box as shown below.

User with no subscription attached

To assign a subscription, simply click the Assign subscription button to open the Add Subscription module.

Add Subscription module

Select the product you wish to assign to the member as a subscription, then select the start date (usually the date the member takes occupancy) and click the Save Product button. The member's summary page should update accordingly, as shown below.

Recurring Product Assigned as a Subscription

An invoice will be created immediately if the start date is today or earlier. If the resident isn't due to take occupancy until after the current date, the invoice will be generated at that time.

The user will be able to reference the relevant invoice information from their Account menu in the Progress Report mobile application for either iOS or Android. If they wish to have a copy of the invoice, one can be downloaded and emailed by the administrator to the member.