Building Forms in Progress Report

Jul 5, 2023

The Form building feature of the Progress Report web app for sober home administrators is an advanced feature that allows you to create, share, and store custom documents which can be completed by staff and members. Examples of the kinds of forms you may create are:

  • intake forms
  • house rules
  • fees agreements
  • consent forms
  • chores lists
  • incident reports
  • exit reports

Progress Report Form Builder main page

Getting Started

To use the form builder, you must first log into your Progress Report account here, then navigate to the Settings > Forms page. Only administrators with the permissions to build forms will see this feature.

Form Builder New Form settings

Click the Create Form button. You should see something like the screen shown in the picture above.

Form Settings for an Application

Form Settings

For an example of the Form Settings page, see the image above.

Create a Name for your form.

Add a description to help you remember how the form will be used.

Select the form type:

  • Application forms can be completed by users within or outside of your organization to submit their information in such a way that the information can be reviewed by selecting the Applications menu option.
  • Basic forms can be created for any use but will not be included in the Applications menu for review.

Unchecking the Active box allows you to archive forms you are no longer using without deleting them. This is useful if you wish to use a previous version of a form as a reference.

When the Allow submission from non-users is checked, users who are not registered with your organization or who do not have a Progress Report user account with any organization are still able to access and complete the form.

Progress Report form builder components

Form Components


Headers & Paragraphs

These preformatted text options give form sections their titles. These are simply shortcuts for text options. All formatting features of the text may be changed in the settings for each content section.

Content settings

Content is text that cannot be changed by input from the user, such as descriptions or instructions about how to complete the form your are creating (see the image above). Formatting options for content can be combined, it is not necessary to create a new paragraph with separate formatting.

Formatting options:

  • Bold or Italic or _Underlined_ text
  • Normal or Heading Styles 1-6
  • Text color
  • Center, Left, Right, or Justified paragraph alignment

User view of text fields


Labels for input fields have a maximum of 150 characters.

Text Input

Input & Long Input fields are for text entries

The only difference between these two types of text input fields is the size of the box. These fields may contain an unlimited number of characters. allowing the user to input as much information or as little as they need to complete the form.

Radio Button options

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are used when there are only a few options and they are all mutually exclusive, meaning only one option is possible, such as "yes" or "no".

Sample Date field in the Progress Report form building web application

Date Field options

Date Field

When you would like the user to enter a date, it is usually easiest to let them select the date from a preformatted calendar. This avoids errors in typing and tends to be intuitive for most people.



When several fixed choices are available for the user to choose from, checkboxes are often used to allow the user to easily select from a list of only those options.

File upload

Image & File Upload

When you would like the user to include photos or documents to the form, this field choice allows them to upload them securely to server which stores the form responses. File size is limited to 50 MB.



A dropdown menu is convenient for selecting from a list of fixed options, like the list of states shown in the picture above.

Signature field


This field is allows the user to draw their signature with either a finger on mobile browsers or with a mouse on computer browsers.

Application Forms

You can streamline the process of filling beds by allowing new members to fill out their application information an having that information immediately funneled to a new user account. Having applications on file acts as a real-time waiting list, giving you the ability to quickly assess the eligibility of applicants and making the process of notifying them of openings immediately.

To create an application form, select the appropriate settings from the Form Settings page. In general, you will want to track the application process. This is made easier by using the option for Application from the pulldown menu for Form Type. Any time a form of this type is submitted, a notification badge will appear above the Applications menu option in the web interface for administrators of the Progress Report account. Selecting Applications from to top menus shows a chronological list of applications.

New Application Form built with Progress Report Form Builder web interface

Example New Application form

Basic Forms

To create a simple form to be completed by one or several people, you will go to the Forms main page and click the Create Form button. When the settings page opens, you will select Basic from the pulldown menu for Form Type.

blank form builder form for progress report web app for sober home administrators

Blank Form in the Form Builder

Example Chore List built with the Progress Report Web Application Form Builder

Example Chore List built with the Form Builder

Preview of example form